our music

"Blackfriars is a repertoire orchestra".

We play different works each week. For example we may play an overture and a symphony. It's great for sight reading practise.

The music is selected by our conductors, although we are happy for members to suggest pieces to play. The orchestra owns a large library of orchestral scores, which we keep in London for our exclusive use.

who are we

The aim of the orchestra is simply to enjoy playing different music.

We are a friendly group and have members of all ages.

The majority of players come regularly, but this orchestra also suits people who cannot commit to attending rehearsals every week.

After the rehearsal, quite a few of us will always visit one of the excellent local pubs for some drinks.

The orchestra has been making music since the 1940s.

when and where

Tuesday evenings, 7pm - 9pm, in Christchurch, which is 2 minute's walk from Blackfriars Bridge (south side of the river).


Christchurch Hall

Blackfriars Bridge

27 Blackfriars Road



Tubes: Southwark and Blackfriars tube stations are the closest (2 minutes walk), Waterloo is a 9 minute walk and London Bridge 20 minutes. The church is a short walk from the City.

interested in joining?

Enquiries from new members are always welcome. There are no auditions.

There are no joining fees or annual contributions. Players attending a session pay £3 to cover the costs of the hall.

If you would like to play with us, then please send a message, using the form on our Contact page.

Oboes, clarinets, bassoons

For each of these instruments, we have 2 regular players.

We maintain depping lists so that if one of the regulars cannot make a rehearsal, deps will be asked to play. Please contact us if you are interested in depping.

Flutes (Feb 2024)

In general, flautists who have/play piccolo are particularly welcome to join the flute dep list.

However, at the moment the list is closed until September, owing to a large number of people wanting to play.

If you are a flute (who plays piccolo) and interested in joining the dep list, please contact us in the September.